Coronavirus Worship Service Update

Worship update

Faith UMC will not be having in-church worship services until the end of the coronavirus quarantining. We invite you to join us on Facebook Live (link here) at 10 AM on Sundays at that time for an interactional time of prayer and devotion.

All Sunday night and Wednesday night activities will be cancelled until further notice as well.


We have collected some resources for how to stay informed during this time, as well as how to be helpful to your community:

Be in Prayer:

Go to this link (10 Guidelines for Prayer in these COVID-19 Times) for a really helpful guide to be in prayer during this unique time.

Stay informed: 

Get your information from official sources, not your social media scroll. Check the CDC’s website ( or Kentucky’s website ( to get up to date information.

Stay Connected: 

Though we are being encouraged to practice “social distancing,” we still need to be actively checking in with one another, especially those we know who are more vulnerable. Pastor Cam will be leading a noontime prayer and devotion time via Facebook live throughout the week, so that those who are stuck at home can connect through technology.

Connect to our Facebook page here:

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