Our Mission

At Faith Methodist Church we dream of being a church that

INVITES all ages, nations, and races into a life of WORSHIP

GROWS more like Christ through small group DISCIPLESHIP

and SERVES our neighbors with radical HOSPITALITY

We believe in dreaming big. Our dream is to be a church where the lost become found, where sinners find forgiveness, where the refugee finds a refuge, where the broken are healed, all in the name of Jesus. We believe Christ has infused our life with a holy purpose: to proclaim his kingdom on earth.

And we want you to be a part of our mission, to join the team, to get to work. We know the world is broken and hurting in so many ways, but we believe that God has chosen to heal his world through the saving work of his church.

We believe in a church that looks like the kingdom of God, a church with all different kinds of people. Different races, different languages, different levels of income, different cultures, all united in the one thing that makes life meaningful: Jesus, the Messiah of all the nations, the one who died on the cross to free us for an abundant, Spirit-led life.

In response to what Christ has done, we believe God has set the church on a mission: to spread this incredibly good news. To make disciples of Jesus. This means, as a church, our goal is to bring more and more people into this kingdom life we call Christianity.

We want to do this by INVITING all peoples into the WORSHIP of the one triune God, by GROWING with one another through small groups of Bible study and DISCIPLESHIP, and by SERVING our neighbors with radical HOSPITALITY as a lived expression of God’s love for us.

We believe by making disciples, one by one by one, we can transform Bowling Green, KY and the world to look more like the kingdom of God. This is our mission, our calling, and we hope that God calls you to join us as we attempt to live faithfully as the body of Christ.